TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST is an interview show that features guests from all walks of life that have battled all sorts of adversity throughout their lives. Through their stories of personal struggles, professional failures and criminal mistakes “Tough Times Never Lasts” aims to inspire and help viewers improve and control their lives through our guest’s incredible stories.

Michael Kuzilny has an amazing and fascinating background in the criminal justice system.   He started his legal career as a police officer in some of the toughest districts in Australia, and then in the last 20 years or so, progressed to be a high profile Australian criminal lawyer.  He is also a public speaker, published author,  Success coach and media commentator on National television.

Michael Kuzilny has now interviewed over 500 guests on the show, and the incredible line-up of guests is just getting better all the time.  The show was first called “Cops and Lawyers”, then “A Life in Crime” and finally progressed to its current format “Tough Times Never Last”.   Michael was awarded the “Best Male Presenter” Award for Australian TV shows on the community platform.

Over the years we have had amazing guests from all walks of life to join Michael Kuzilny on the couch.   Some of the guests have included: Guests who have had drug and alcohol addictions, people who have committed crimes and have spent years behind bars.  We’ve interviewed a former chief magistrate, prominent criminal lawyers, a former homicide squad detective who investigated over 300 murders….  We’ve spoken to the former Attorney General, drug dealers, former police commissioners,  contract killers, cult figures, a human lie detector, psychics and people who have wanted to end their life’s.

We’ve interviewed victims of the Bali Bombings, corrupt cops, prostitutes, drug dealers and victims of severe domestic violence.  We’ve had people unlawfully held in mental institutions, guests who have turned tough beginnings into multi-million dollar empires,  guests who have been raped, tortured, and beaten.  All these people have had an amazing story to share.  And that message is that Tough Times Never Last.  That with the right attitude we can turn our life challenges into strength and triumph!  Michael’s work on the show is pro bono, and he has a passion helping others through their own tough times.

If you are interested to be interviewed on the show, please contact Michael Kuzilny directly:

0415557011, or (Freecall) 1800130120, e-mail your life journey to mk@mklawfirm.com.au, or leave your details below.