Ray Watson


Ray Watson former armed robbery squad veteran.  In April 1973 one of the last through the door of that first intake was the rock’n’roll recruit, Ray Watson, who only joined the police force because his dream of becoming a professional guitarist was thwarted when his fingers grew to the size of Brazilian bananas.

Today Watson’s application would have been shredded and used as landfill but back then the recruiting officer must have had a bizarre sense of humour or was hung over (or both) because Big Ray was given the green light.

Consider the following. After an unsatisfactory stint in the public service, Watson wandered the world long before a gap year became fashionable.

He was robbed in Jamaica, worked as a San Francisco store detective and was jailed in Argentina for being ”a known smart-arse in a public place”.

Ray spent 13 years in the armed robbery squad (seven as officer-in-charge) chasing some of Australia’s most dangerous gunmen.